What it Is
Employee expense reimbursement system is a web-based self service application which can produce dramatic results for your organization by reducing costs, increasing employee productivity and improving business performance. It is a uniquely powerful and comprehensive employee expense recording, approval, tracking and management information solution which can be easily adapted to meet your organization’s expense policies and rules.

Our Expense Management is a complete integrated suite of solutions that addresses the challenges of employee spending for national and multi-national organizations. The Expense Management suite includes Employee Expense booking, Approval, Expense Reports, and Payment Requests, all on a modern Microsoft .Net framework. Expense Reports focuses on automating the entire expense reporting process from expense report creation through approval and reimbursement.

Our Expense Management helps enterprises control costs and improve employee effectiveness, allowing every employee to have a positive impact on the bottom line. The Expense Management automates employee-based financial processes—such as business travel, expense reporting with ability to segregate billable expenses.

Employee Expense Reimbursement Offers:

  • Custom workflow and approval Process
  • Makes Expense process easily
  • Easy implementation
  • Cost effective system
  • Flexible Data Analysis

Standard Workflow



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