What it Is

Project billing module is fully integrated with Timesheet (TM) and Expense Reimbursement (ER) module. Recoverable time and expenses can be invoiced to the customer using the PB module. The PB also facilitates Milestone based billing wherein you may have requirement to invoice customer based on completion of certain milestones

Using PB module, you'll be able bill based on:

  • Time spend by your Consultants
  • Fixed or Milestone based billing
  • Bill all recoverable expenses

The flexible configuration allows you to configure billing rates for each project separately. The built-in workflow allows Project Manager to initiate the Billing Memo; at the same time, remind Project manager for the up-coming milestones due for billing. The Project billing can be setup to automatically generate the necessary accounting entries to facilitate the integration with the Accounting software.

Project Billing lets you:

  • Project Information: Enter project billing related information in one screen without navigating to multiples
  • Single Invoice: It allows you to generate single invoice for multiple projects of the same customer
  • Project Repository: Project Master allows you to store and view all information related to project like Billing rates, Resources, Milestones, attachments etc. at one place
  • Adhoc Expenses: It allows you to add indirect expenses in the billing which was entered outside eXBA application
  • Invoice Attachments: It allows Project Manager/Finance to add attachments to the Invoice which are required by customer
  • Accounting Integration: It seamlessly integrates with any Accounting System allowing Finance Users to Export details of Invoices into compatible file formats. It has built-in integration with Infor Financial Management

As a result, you'll get better insight into company performance, be able to spend more time on analysis, and make better decisions, faster.

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