What it Is

Travel Requisitioning (TR) module which will eliminate the need of existing paper-based process in an organization. It enables organization to enforce the discipline of filling & getting the approval of travel requests prior to actual travel. It would facilitate to have more internal financial control over the allocation of travel allowances and payment to suppliers. It will allow organization to enforce its travel policy to ensure that only authorized persons travel on company expenses. It will provide details information on who travelled when & where. Business rule will ensure that employees can no longer overspend on travel; as they would be monitored if their travel budget is exceeded. Travelers are presented with variety of options such as Air/Rail/Car/ Hotel and can configure to specify the preferred mode or suppliers from the preferred list. The configurable approver workflow will appropriately route the Travel Request for approval and subsequently allowing Travel Desk to provide the required information for travel booking.

Travel Requisitioning Offers:

  • Travel request domestic/international
  • Approval workflow to suit organizational needs
  • Travel Desk to facilitate the traveler’s booking request
  • Create, manage, and measure the success of your plans
  • Allowing employees to amendments to any existing travel plans due business requirements
  • Employee can claim the reimbursements through Employee Reimbursement (ER) module
  • Employee can track his/her past travels with its status

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